'Salmon Parrot' Tulip

Tulipa 'Salmon Parrot'

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'Salmon Parrot' Tulip (Tulipa 'Salmon Parrot')
Genus:  Tulipa

Information below provided by Tulips.com (RoozenGaarde ®)

"An absolutely magnificent tulip sure to generate plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs!’ Enjoy as each bloom begins apricot and then transitions to a striking shade of salmon color as the flower matures.

Parrot Tulips
With their ruffled and feathered petals, Parrot tulips are aptly named due to their noted resemblance to the wings of a parrot. These flowers are some of the most flamboyant tulip varieties out there, so much so that a green gardener may not even recognize these blooms as tulips! Developed from mutations, Parrot blooms will open playfully in the presence of sunlight and will often change colors as the flower matures. Most varieties are later season blooms with a few types being among the very last to flower. Heights are commonly average although Salmon Parrot can grow a bit taller and Irene Parrot will remain a bit shorter. If possible, we recommend planting these varieties under the cover of a large tree in northern climates – or other locations receiving heavy rainfall.

Tulip bulbs should be planted during the fall months so that they can flower in the spring. Bloom dates will mostly depend upon the local climate, but exposure to sun and water will also influence timing. These flowers do not require extensive sunlight and will bloom when planted in fully shaded areas. Tulips will typically produce a single flower per bulb, but some varieties will have multiple blooms. Great as a garden flower or cut and placed in a vase, tulips are known to be a declaration of love!"


"Simply plant tulip bulbs during the autumn months and then sit back and enjoy as their colorful blooms burst open with the arrival of spring. Zone 9 is west coast only."


Information provided by Tulips.com (RoozenGaarde ®)


16 to 20 inches tall
Full Sun to Part Shade
Fertile, moist, well-drained soil
Bloom Time
Flower Color
Pink Yarrow,
Foliage Color

Tulipa 'Salmon Parrot'