Nobody gardens on a perfect site, where every plant will look good in all seasons and thrive. At the garden center, the choices can be overwhelming, and plant tags can only tell you so much. Follow the links below for detailed information on choosing plants for particular garden settings and seasons so you'll be better equipped to buy the right plants for your needs.

For more expert advice and inspiring photos, check out Fine Gardening's Perfect Plants for Problem Areas. If you need help finding plants that look good in a particular season, plants for shade or slopes, plants that are deer resistant, or plants that require little maintenance, you'll find plenty of suggestions in this special publication. Happy gardening! 

 10 plants for year-round containers 10 Plants for Year-Round Containers
Many perennials and shrubs can live for several years in a container. By taking advantage of this characteristic, you can reduce the amount of time and money you spend on your pots.   Read more...
Trees for tight spaces Trees for Tight Spaces
Small, slow-growing trees can form the backbone of small garden spaces. Today's gardeners have a wide array of slow-growing dwarf and semidwarf trees that require little or no maintenance yet provide year-round interest with unusual color, shape, texture, bark, flowers, fruit, or cones.   Read more...
 Sweetly scented annuals Sweetly Scented Annuals
Whether used in baskets, as ground covers, or in planters, fragrant annuals add wave after wave of color and fragrance for five months of the year or longer.   Read more...
Plants for pathways Plants for Pathways
Consider planting your pathway with a ground cover that can take a moderate to heavy amount of foot traffic , or choose one that is appropriate on the sidelines or in occasionally traveled areas.   Read more...
 New and unusual grasses New and Unusual Grasses
Ornamental grasses offer low maintenance, adaptability, and good looks.   Read more...
Bulbs for summer and fall Bulbs for Summer and Fall
Take the road less traveled, and discover the world of easy-to-grow, late-season bulbs.   Read more...

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