Purple Pearls beautyberry
Callicarpa 'NCCX1'
Zones: 6 to 8
Conditions: full sun; moist, well-drained soil
Size: 4 to 5 feet tall and wide
Care: Cut it back in spring, just as with other beautyberries.

What is new? An upright habit ensures that the gorgeous fall berries are right at eye level.

What does someone who has grown it say? In the words of the breeder, Thomas Ranney, Ph.D., Professor at North Carolina State University:
"Callicarpa is an intriguing genus with considerable diversity among species. Some time ago we received a plant of Callicarpa kuangsunensis, a rare species from southern China that looks to be infused with purple in the stems and young foliage. But the plant is a leggy grower and had sparse fruit. We were curious to see if we could combine the more desirable compact habit and phenomenal fruit production of Callicarpa dichotoma with the striking foliage of C. kuangsunensis. Purple Pearls is the result: extended blooming with showy pink flowers, loads of brilliant purple fruit, and purple accents in the foliage."


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